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Friday, September 10, 2010

Amwater A Drop of Life

Here is a lucrative opportunity for a home based business.  Amega Global uses Zero Point Energy to remind your body that it can heal itself.  Baby Boomer, Gen X, Gen Y, your gateway to financial freedom

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

In Business for Yourself but not by Yourself

Many of us would love to get out of the job market and be in business for ourselves. The trick is to do it without losing our shirt like so many others have done.

I'm sure you realize as well as I do that the businesses with the most potential are web-based. When I was searching for a business it needed 3 things going for it if I was going to spend time developing it.

First, it needed to fit in the demographics of the Baby Boomer market. Would that natural market be attracted to this commodity?

Second, it needed to pay well. I've worked on commission all my life and realize that some companies pay well and others don't.

Thirdly, I needed quality support for my business because I'm ok on a computer for basic stuff but I am definitely not a Guru. The best scenario for me was a turn key type of Internet business.

So I finally ended up here Take a look for yourself and see if I fulfilled my three qualifiers!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Building a Better Online Business

Building a successful online business can be hard or it can be easy. Which way would you like to do it? I'm the kind of guy that likes the easier softer way.

If you agree with this approach then I've got some ideas that you may want to implement. This is assuming that you've already done your market research and have a business that is actually in demand and will remain in demand in the future. This isn't for the e-book folks, the flash in the pan folks, or the hit and run types of people. This is how to develop a strong successful and hopefully very profitable business using basic tools that have stood the test of time.

One of the great things about being on the 'Net is the fact that business can be done anywhere and the system is on 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It doesn't cost any more than to be there for 2 hours a day. When I was in retail every minute I was open was additional overhead.

One of the first things that I needed to do was get my ego out of the way. I believe I'm a fairly smart guy...hopefully a little above average...but soon I realized there is always going to be someone who is smarter than me. It took a while but I realized that was a good thing. If I find lots of smart people who build this business it just makes my life a lot easier and simpler. Now my goal is to find these people, show them the potential and let them run with it.

The second thing I am making sure that I do is not do anything that is not replicable. Even though I'm looking for people who are smarter than I am it doesn't mean they have the same experience that I have to build a business. I use the training that the "Gurus" on the Internet provide as their information is already prepackaged and easy to access for anyone who is actually interested in building a business. I'm not trying to re-invent any wheels here. I just want to build a system that can be a cookie cutter for the next person inside my group. Am I going to tell you who my "Gurus" are? I sure am, as soon as your on our team. Suffice to say they are likely the best in their niche...whatever that may be.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Double Your Income... Double Your Time Off

When you are on the road to make money there are really only a couple of ways that make a lot of sense on the Internet.
The first way is to be a very smart person and design something that others want. Bill, Steve, and the folks from Google seem to fit this mould. They sure do impress me with their insight and their genius. I wish some days I was as smart as them. The other way is to leverage the brains of the smart guys.
When you’re leveraging someone else’s brainpower all the really hard stuff is done. The idea works, it is accepted by the public and all you need to do is learn how to tap into the pipeline. This seems a little bit easier to someone like me but I admit I’m not a genius. What I’ve done to make money most of my life is find an idea that someone else has developed, applied it to what I was doing and then worked the hell out of it.
If this sounds like a good idea to you then I’d suggest you just open your eyes to what is happening in the major market places of the world. I don’t want to be the guy to suggest that the Baby Boom might have an effect on the market and that these folks are in the process of retiring. Now, what do retired people like to do? They sleep, garden, sit on the veranda or perhaps they might travel a bit. I think if the price was right for them they might choose to travel occasionally.
If you want to take advantage of this anomaly in the market place then getting into the travel business in some way might be a good idea for you. There is cash to be slipped into your jeans and there are smart people who have already figured out a great way to tap into the market.
If you check around you’ll notice that vacation property is one of the major search items on Google. There are also others avenues for these retiring Baby Boomers to take when they fly off to holiday destinations. I want to suggest a couple for you. Of course they are mine. The first is . This is a website that allows you to compare prices between our company and the other majors out there. It also has a video that explains our marketing plan and another video that explains the product in depth. What is the product? Almost forgot. It is unlimited access to 4 Star and 5 Star resorts in 55 countries worldwide, over 5000 resorts in total. Guess what the price for these vacations start at! $298.00 per week (8 days, 7 nights). Think the folks that are in the retirement mode will like something like this? The membership into this program can be recouped in just two or three vacations and then you get to save forever. The membership is part of your estate so you can give it to the kids. Ya, I know. Hard to believe.

Anyway, check it out for yourself. Everything within the system is easy to replicate so you don’t have to reinvest any wheels. It is a turn-key travel business for a minimal investment. The best part is that it is an online home based business that you can run from anywhere.

Friday, December 07, 2007

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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Dream or Vision?

I friend asked me a while back what my "Dream" was. My answer...I didn't have a dream. I had a "Vision". Sounds like I'm playing with words doesn't it.

Here is what I meant by that.

Originally, I did have a dream when I started my home based business. I wanted freedom and a great income. Pretty fuzzy picture really. Then I started to hone that into something that was real.

Our business can give you two things really, and perhaps much more quickly than a regular style business can do that. I think that is the magic of the internet. We aren't stuck by a geographical limitation and restricted by that growth. The two things are working from home and the freedom that entails. The second thing it gives is the ability to build a very lucrative business without much overhead. I've felt overhead before. Not fun watching most of your sales volume disappear into other's pockets and ending up with the smaller piece of the pie.

That is where Vision steps in. I know because I am over 21 years old (by a few days) that this life demands certain things from you if you want to achieve something. It is called putting in before getting out, the Law of Cause and Effect, or whatever you want to use as the phrase. In effect, it means that in order to get something you have to do something. If you are working it means showing up and doing the actions that will make your business or profession succeed. Unfortunately there are some out there who feel that if you want something then you put it out to the "Universe" and it will magically appear on your front doorstep. These are the people that are constanly checking their mailbox for the big one. Even the lottery corporations tell everyone that if you want to win the lottery then you have to buy a ticket!

What is your dream? Do you want it to be a Vision?

I know that if I want to get what I want then I need to find people who are willing to put forth their own effort AND be willing to have me help them to do the same thing. Our business is based on leveraging everyone's time and cooperatively achieving success as a team. This isn't a business for people who want to be a superstar at the expense of someone else. That dog eat dog mentality will almost ensure failure.

It really isn't a secret. Well, enough of my mental ramblings for now.

Friday, November 23, 2007


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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Game My View of Golf and Business

It is a great game! Anyone that plays it regularly will attest to that। To others it is "a good walk spoiled" as they say.

My game has vastly improved this year। I hate to brag but I usually know approximately where the ball is going to go. That is surprising based on my past history. Now, there are actually a few small reasons for this. The first is that I went out and bought some good golf clubs. I was playing with clubs that were over 30 years old BUT they were really really good clubs when I bought them. The second thing I did was get some instruction from a friend that is better than me. He was very helpful, very patient and gave me positive strokes when I did things right.

This all started to happen after I'd played my first game with him and another friend! I think they were actually embarrassed for me and decided to take me "under their wings" so to speak. The effect is dramatic! I actually enjoy going out, I am putting for birdies on occasion and I feel that I could likely play on most courses in the world and not really embarrass myself.

In addition I also feel better when I am standing over the ball. I know that it is actually going to go where I shoot it over 75% of the time. Yes, the banana slice can rear it's ugly head on occasion but when I am focusing on the actual shot it seems to not only fly well but I good that it went where I was planning. Like everything though, there are no absolute guarantees. I wish there was and then watch out Tiger! But the reality is that I'm a 53 year old duffer and I will get better but I'm never going to make millions just by showing up on the course.

So what has that got to do with business? Well, you know that if you can get to a point where you feel confident and self assured then you will be a lot better when you are talking to others about your opportunity. The fact is that everyone needs help, even Tiger. You want to be sure that what you are doing is going to get you where you want to go! We all want to end up in the Winner's Circle and not be the last person on the tournament list. I know that most people who have talent can get there but it is really hard to play if you are missing the wedges or the putter. You know the old saying, "Drive for Show, Putt for Dough". Just like golf, you need the tools to have a good short game.

If you really do want to be playing at everyone else's level then head over here... ( ) and get the "7 Building Blocks" you need for your business.

Cut the Grass Get a Friend

Well, I just cut the lawn. When I was a kid this is how I made my spending money around the neighbourhood. It gave me a lot of time to think then and it still gives me a lot of time to think .
I had a couple of good thoughts while I was shaving God's greenery. The first one was that in the internet arena there is a time to just get married and make the most of your decision. Like the rest of the world there is always going to be a faster gun, a bigger and better car, a more reliable computer or even a better woman!
The fact is that we can dance our life away testing this one and that one and maybe the next one coming around the corner. Sooner or later we realize that it is a never ending parade of beautiful women (or great internet businesses). I think it is this point that I have finally arrived at in my life. You can sit around and watch me cut the lawn.

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